Please Don’t Argue

And do what I say . . .

Children always have to argue about everything parents ask them to do. I think it has to be the number one irritation a parent has. “Just listen to me. I know what I’m talking about. Just do what I say.”

Children are not rational. We cannot reason with them. That is why we bribe them or we give the ultimate reason – “Because I’m the mom, that’s why.”


As parents we make the best choices for our children as we can. All we want is to take care of our kids. And it is a difficult task. Add to that the role of taking care of a chronically ill child. Boom! It all becomes ten times worse. Now on top of fighting with our kid to eat that certain food we have to get them to take their medicine. And we’re not talking one medicine two or three times a day. How about more like twenty-seven pills a day an 11 year old has to take? (Yep, True story.) The stakes seem to just be higher now. The risks of not taking a treatment is greater. And our kids just don’t care. They hate taking pills. They’re hard to swallow. But they have to take them anyway. Just stop arguing and take your medicine. Please.

~ Mother of a Crohnie


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