What am I doing for World IBD Day?

In the IBD community, this question has been going around and many are responding already. Some are much better at reaching a larger audience. Others may be reaching out to friends and family. IBD is and invisible chronic disease that is difficult for some to talk about.

Yet, the question is what am I doing? Okay. Well then. Here is my list:

  1. My Blog!! – I have really got to get it together and just start writing. I have lots to say and lots to share. So today begins a new day with new determination.
  2. Facilitate and promote a growing support group. – I facilitate a group for kids with IBD, and we are growing. More and more people are reaching out and looking for a place where they can be with people who understand what is like to be in the hospital all the time and have crappy procedures and tests. Kids really need this kind of support.
  3. Irritating my Facebook friends! – Yes. That’s right. Tomorrow will be a barrage of posts all about IBD, what it is, what it isn’t, and how it truly affects people. I expect it is completely possible that I will get a few unlikes tomorrow. Truthfully, I don’t care. This is part of my life. If it is too ugly for someone to handle, there isn’t much I can do about it.

Maybe this isn’t much for World IBD. Maybe I won’t be reaching millions of people tomorrow. But I will do my part to spread awareness about IBD because it is not just a tummy ache.


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